YOLO v3 Object Detection With ROS (Robot Operating System)

It has been a while since I published my last blog post. I am back! Life has been a little crazy lately. I am in the midst of my senior year in high school.  Object Detection with YOLO When we talk about object detection, where are really two smaller tasks embedded in one larger task.… Continue reading YOLO v3 Object Detection With ROS (Robot Operating System)

Open Source Projects on Github

Since the very beginning, Michael and I have been dedicated to contributing to the open source community. This Spring, we open sourced the entire repository for the self-driving golf cart project. In order to better host the code base, as well as to provide us with a platform for future research, we registered a Github… Continue reading Open Source Projects on Github

Self-Driving Software + Carla Simulator

Want to learn more about self-driving car simulators? Check out this blog post. Simulators are crucial in developing a good self-driving system. Not everyone will have access to quality self-driving hardware platforms, therefore software simulator is a nature incubator for cutting-edge research and development.

GPS Localization with ROS, rviz and OSM

When you place a robot in a known environment, the robot should be able to localize itself, meaning it could compute the approximate position of itself using sensors and algorithms. Localization is crucial to self-driving vehicles, which requires incredible precision. GPS (Global Positioning System) is one of the first steps to localization. However, the system is… Continue reading GPS Localization with ROS, rviz and OSM

Visualizing Open Street Map Data with ROS & rviz

Localization and path planning are two of the most important components in autonomous robots. Robot Operating System provides a great foundation for working with maps and path planning. In this post, I will talk about how to use data provided by Open Street Map (OSM) and to visualize the osm data using rviz. I still… Continue reading Visualizing Open Street Map Data with ROS & rviz

Migrating to ROS — Hello, Robot Operating System

Our goal has always been to create the best autonomous driving software possible on a small scale. A critical component of that goal is to write conventional code and use industry standard libraries. This is one of the reasons why I am working on integrating ROS into the self-driving golf cart. Once the project is fully… Continue reading Migrating to ROS — Hello, Robot Operating System