Looking Into The Future

Yesterday, Michael and I had the final demo & presentation of our autonomous golf cart. Phase 1 of the development process is now completed, which means a couple of different things for us: For the rest of this trimester, we will no longer be developing the goal cart. We will continue the phase 2 of the… Continue reading Looking Into The Future

The Robustness of the Semantic Segmentation Network

Introduction On Feb 21st, Michael and I tested the autonomous steering and cruise control system. Unfortunately, the testing was largely unsuccessful. We encounter many issues with the system and testing conditions. This prompted me to think about the robustness of our systems, specifically the semantic segmentation system. Testing on Feb 21st. Thanks to Ms. Richardson Shadows Convolutional… Continue reading The Robustness of the Semantic Segmentation Network

Autonomous Cruise Control System

Introduction After implementing the steering system, our focus has been on the cruise control system. The golf cart needs to stop when it encounters an obstacle, and continue to move forward once the obstacle is removed. At the time when we tested & implement this basic cruise control system, the golf cart had no odometer… Continue reading Autonomous Cruise Control System

Understanding the World Through Semantic Segmentation

Introduction: One of the most important aspects of a self-driving vehicle is to understand the world around us. We deeply believe that it's possible to use camera and computer vision technology to achieve this, instead of using traditional radar or lidar. Once we can gain that understanding, we can program the vehicle to make decisions.… Continue reading Understanding the World Through Semantic Segmentation

Successfully Tested the Autonomous Steering System for the Self Driving Golf Cart

Today is a very special day for us. We have successfully tested the autonomous steering system for the self-driving cart. Here is a video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcUXtViFQeU&t=2s   For the past 27 days (not counting weekend only 19 days), Michael and I have been working on the autonomous steering system for the self-driving golf cart. Frankly, I have never… Continue reading Successfully Tested the Autonomous Steering System for the Self Driving Golf Cart

Predicting Steering Angles with Deep Learning — Part 2

Introduction In part 1 of this series, I discussed the algorithm behind the autonomous steering system, specifically, convolutional neural networks. In this post, I will dive deeper into the details of the networks that we are using, as well as the development process.  If you just came across my blog, I am excited to share… Continue reading Predicting Steering Angles with Deep Learning — Part 2

On the Road — Testing the Autonomous Golf Cart

Since Tuesday, Michael and I have been testing the self-driving golf cart on the road. It has been a very very exciting process. Tuesday: This was the first real-world test with the brand new steering control system. Just like any "first test", the cart didn't work. Thanks to our robotics teacher Ms. Hayes-Golding, we were… Continue reading On the Road — Testing the Autonomous Golf Cart

Predicting Steering Angles Using Deep Learning — Part 1

Introduction The technology behind our autonomous vehicle project is largely inspired by the recent breakthroughs in the machine learning. Specifically, we are using Convolutional Neural Networks, supervised machine learning. You might be wondering, how are we coding those rules for the autonomous car steer itself. But the reality is, we are not telling the car what do you,… Continue reading Predicting Steering Angles Using Deep Learning — Part 1

Testing the Steering System with NVIDIA Jetson

Today, we put together the whole entire system on the golf cart. The setup includes: NVIDIA Jetson -- the main controller for the vehicle A webcam on the front of the vehicle A computer monitor (placed on the cupholder) A mouse A keyboard A DC motor for steering An Arduino with a motor controller module… Continue reading Testing the Steering System with NVIDIA Jetson

Buying a Golf Cart

After deciding that we will build a self-driving golf cart, it's time to buy a golf cart! Craiglist is the natural place to go. After several insulting phone calls from disrespectful callers, we finally narrowed it down to a Yamaha Electric. This 1,000$ beast is not perfect, namely, the front cover is broken and one… Continue reading Buying a Golf Cart