The Robustness of the Semantic Segmentation Network

Introduction On Feb 21st, Michael and I tested the autonomous steering and cruise control system. Unfortunately, the testing was largely unsuccessful. We encounter many issues with the system and testing conditions. This prompted me to think about the robustness of our systems, specifically the semantic segmentation system. Shadows Convolutional neural networks are notoriously bad at handling shadows.…

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Successfully Tested the Autonomous Steering System for the Self Driving Golf Cart

Today is a very special day for us. We have successfully tested the autonomous steering system for the self-driving cart. Here is a video.   For the past 27 days (not counting weekend only 19 days), Michael and I have been working on the autonomous steering system for the self-driving golf cart. Frankly, I have never been…

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Predicting Steering Angles Using Deep Learning — Part 1

Introduction The technology behind our autonomous vehicle project is largely inspired by the recent breakthroughs in the machine learning. Specifically, we are using Convolutional Neural Networks, supervised machine learning. You might be wondering, how are we coding those rules for the autonomous car steer itself. But the reality is, we are not telling the car what do you,…

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