Self-Driving Golf Cart: Autonomous Navigation with the ROS Navigation Stack – Part 1: Mapping

Introduction For the past two years, I have been researching and developing a self-driving golf cart. ROS (Robot Operating System) is an open source, robust, and convenient robotics middleware that I have for the golf cart. In this three-parts-series, I will discuss how I developed the golf cart’s autonomous navigation stack with ROS. There are…

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Electronic Braking System – Self-Driving Golf Cart

Introduction A self-driving vehicle requires a robust Drive-By-Wire (DBW) system. DBW allows the vehicle’s onboard computer to control the car’s motion using electrical signals. Most modern cars already come with a great electronics system. For example, you can even hack into a Toyota Camry and control the braking, throttle, and steering with open source software.…

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Open Source Projects on Github

Since the very beginning, Michael and I have been dedicated to contributing to the open source community. This Spring, we open sourced the entire repository for the self-driving golf cart project. In order to better host the code base, as well as to provide us with a platform for future research, we registered a Github…

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