Before we can figure out our testing site. We wanted to implement the Arduino controlled acceleration system. We decided to take a bold step and take apart the accelerator pedal and cut all of its wires.

The golf cart with the accelerator pedal missing



The whole entire accelerator sensor is a potentiometer. github-mark.png

Potentiometer (pot for short) is everywhere in electronics, from speakers to airplanes. In this case, the pot sends an analog signal to the golf cart’s motor controller. There are three wires extending from the pot, one for power, one for ground, one for signal. The signal wire is connected to what’s known as the wiper, which varies in resistance as it physically slides on a resistive track. Our goal is to hack this system and use a digital pot to control the motor instead.


The wiring diagram of the golf cart.


We will also design a switch into the system that allows us to switch from manual mode to autonomous mode. Here is the soldiered shield with the Digital potentiometer on it.


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